Core Features

Student Information

Get quick access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, attendance, address, parent info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities and any reports, anytime.

Teacher Information

Track your teachers’ particulars, addresses and other data. Our system is always online so your teachers can access their schedule anytime.

Parent Access

Parents can login and view their children’s information anytime through the Parent Login option. Parents can keep track of their child’s attendance, workload and progress.


Track daily school attendance by homeroom, period or subject and notify parents immediately. Loved by teachers and school admins alike.

Grade Book

The best online grade book software that can easily be customized for each teacher. Our simple yet powerful grade book is loved by teachers everywhere.

Report Card

Fully customizable report cards. You get to have your own grading criteria, format, grading flow and more. Teachers and school admins can print report cards easily.


A big reason why admins love Tarbiyat School Management System. Customize beautiful transcripts easily and efficiently and never worry about losing them.


You can create homework assignments in seconds and share with your students instantly.


You can generate the school’s schedules easily. You can view schedules in multiple ways and aspects.


Manage your school admissions on one integrated software platform easily and efficiently in less time.

Fee Tracking and Payment System

A simple and straightforward fee tracking management software that school admins use every day to track fees and expenses.

Email and Text Messages

State of the art email and messaging system integrated.

Icing on the cake

This system comes with integrated learning management system based on popular Modular Object-oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It helps you host, track, and deploy courses with ease. Another feature called the Learning Plan Template helps you build templates for individual users as well as specific learning groups. is user-friendly because of its simple user interface and easy navigation. The LMS offers good user interface elements with features such as docking and expendable and collapsible blocks.

Intuitive User Interface

Tarbiyat is an easy going school management system which can be used by everyone, be it a technical person or vice-versa. It just requires a basic working of the computer. After logging in, one just have to go with the flow and follow the process. It is a user-friendly software, designed for the easy and systematic working of the education as well as administration in the school.

Our Valued Clients

Captivating Design

Reasons to Choose Tarbiyat

  • Optimized for customization

  • Wide range of features

  • Secure and Reliable

  • Amazing Support

  • Flexible Pricing

We've been trying to put together a School Management System for a very long time. We are happy to say we finally selected Tarbiyat, Tarbiyat team worked closely with us throughout the process. I also appreciate their quick and courteous responses. I highly recommend their service.

Musarrat Karim

Thank you! We would like for you to know that Tarbiyat has been the easiest program that we have worked with!

Hassan Sardar

After reviewing a few products, Tarbyah was selected for its functionality and cost. We received excellent support during installation and continue to receive that same level of support during each software upgrade.

Sidra Naeem

You made it so simple. Our system is so much faster and easier to work with than our earlier system. Thanks, guys!

Mike Adams


User-friendly School management system for education institutions sets a new standard in the industry.

Rich Reporting

A rich reporting system for top-level management to get summarized data from all the branches of your school.